What is a bronzer?

Bronzer’s contain either natural pigments or dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Natural pigments work with the skins color and produces an instant darker color. DHA is an amino acid, and it comes from sugar cane. It is a safe effective way to darken the skin. You should wait 4-6 hours after UV exposure to shower. Both of these bronzers work at the top layer of the skin to alter the color. These give you a darker tan in less time and with less exposure of sunlight.

Some people are confused by indoor tanning lotions and self-tanning products. What’s the difference? Self-tanners contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a chemical that changes the cells of the skin. This chemical is also found in bronzing lotions. The nice thing about a bronzer is it gives you an instant tan, so you achieve that sun-kissed look immediately, and you continue to darken for hours after your session. With bronzers you typically wait a few hours after tanning before taking a shower, but it is recommended to wash your hands right away to avoid discoloration. The skin on your hands reacts differently to bronzers than the rest of your body and can sometimes get splotchy if they are not washed as soon as you’re done. The current best-selling bronzer lotion is Luminary by Designer Skin


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