California Tan Auto Bronze


California Tan Auto Bronze

  • Premier spray tan
  • UV-Free
  • Fast, Safe, Bronze Perfection

The electromagnetic foot pads ensure that the product that is sprayed from the spraying tower is magnetically attracted to you, eliminating the need to spray more than necessary. This also means that there is no streaking due to overspray and no need to towel dry off after. The drying tower then dries you for 60 seconds at which point the session is complete. Hands and feet are cleaned of barrier cream, you get dressed and you’re on your way with a beautiful flawless tan.

Gently exfoliate skin in order to ensure an even tan.

Shave any areas that are normally shaved or wax at least one day prior to the session Do not moisturize skin after shower, skin must be free of lotion, make-up, perfume cologne, and deodorant. These products may act as a barrier and prevent the absorption of the sunless tanning solution.

You are unable to re-apply any of these products until AFTER your first shower Wear dark, loose fitting clothes. Immediately after session some of the product may rub off on clothing. The solution washes out of most clothing, but better safe than sorry Do not wear wool, nylon or silk during or after session as the solution may cause staining You are able to shower 1 hour after your session! Wait up to 3 hours for darker results. California Tan uses state of the art products to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.